• Waiting to explore our beautiful city will be worth it!
  • Waiting to explore our beautiful city will be worth it!
  • Waiting to explore our beautiful city will be worth it!
  • Waiting to explore our beautiful city will be worth it!
  • Waiting to explore our beautiful city will be worth it!


Here are some useful answers to questions we are frequently asked.
Please just contact us if you need any further details or specific arrangements made.


  Can I do this myself at the airport or can you arrange?

There are many options for you to choose from:

1. Bus Service

...there is a regular bus service between the airport and Cape Town's Civic Centre in the city center; you will then need to get a taxi from here.

2. Uber

...this requires you to have an account with app on your mobile and data working when you land. You should be able to pick up a sim package at the airport. Being an unregulated taxi service driver skills can vary greatly; they are not allowed to wait at the airport so loiter on the approach road.

3. Airport Taxi Services

...regulated and they have desks as you leave baggage area and as you exit into arrivals hall. As always with any taxi service that is not metered make sure you agree the cost before starting your trip.

4. Pre-booked Airport Transfers

We can of course arrange and pre-book our recommended friendly airport taxi service to meet you with a name board as you come into the arrivals hall just past customs. Their cost includes their reasonable waiting time, for the flight you have confirmed you will be on, and parking. This gives you peace of mind that after a long flight someone will be waiting with a friendly smile when you land.

When you complete our booking form simply fill in your flight details plus number of persons and then we will confirm your airport pickup giving you your drivers contact number. We can also happily arrange your return trip either in advance or when you are already staying with us.

Check-in time is from 14:00 – 17:30 Monday to Friday and 14:00 – 15:00 weekends/public holidays.

For late airport arrivals after 17:30 weekdays and 15:00 weekends/public holidays please arrange for an airport pick-up service with us and your driver will take you directly to your property.* Please read "late check-in" for further details.

Journey time can vary depending on direction and rush hours. The standard time is about 30 minutes however week day mornings driving into town can take a lot longer. Please, when leaving to the airport weekday afternoons give yourself at least an hour as again rush hour traffic can take much longer.

Please helpful information on public transport options check out this website.

*This option is not available during COVID-19 period; all guests need to come to reception for check-in.


  Do you provide baby cots?

Yes, we can add a baby cot to your property at a nightly rate of R85 with basic mattress sheet and if you are staying longer than 5 days the charge is free from day 6.

We do have a massive shop called Baby City, which is only a couple minutes walk away, in case you have forgotten something.


  Is there anything else I should know about?

Yes, we do have some General Information which covers house polices and useful details to assist you.

  How does the payment process work?
  • If booking directly from our website when you make the booking you can securely pay the deposit at the same time. 50% 30 days prior to arrival or 100% if less than 30 days. We will send you a confirmation email and booking form to complete.
  • If you have booked via another platform then upon receipt of your completed booking form, that we will send you, we send you a secure payment link so you can make payment for the 1st 50% Rental Deposit.
  • 30 days prior to arrival you will receive another payment link for the 2nd 50% Rental Deposit.
  • These secure payment gateway links will expire if not paid on time; please email us if this happens and we will of course resend.
  • If Rental Deposits are being paid by a 3rd party, who is not the main guest and not staying, then please make sure when you return the booking form you send us the full name and email of this person so the correct details are then sent for the 3D Secure payments.
  • The separate refundable Property Security Deposit of R2000.00 is payable by credit card 7 days prior to check-in by the main guest staying. We will send you a separate secure 3D payment link to make payment.
  • Any refunds for International EFT's or Debit Cards will be refunded at the ZAR amount we originally received in our bank account and minus any international bank transfer fees. 
  • During this COVID-19 pandemic and uncertain times we have implimented a more flexiable policy with later payment terms and different cancellation terms. Please see our rates page for further details. 


  How does the booking form work?

Our booking form checks and confirms your contact info. and accommodation details, provides us with full list of guest names, arrival times and optional airport taxi requirements plus additionally provides you with important information, property security deposit and our T&C’s. If you need more time to complete and send back or want to cancel this booking then please let us know.

The main guest name must be the person staying who will take full responsibility for the booking upon arrival.  

If you plan to change the number of persons during your stay please add optional detail on the form and we will then resend a revised form with these amendments.

When you open the form in Adobe Reader please select “Fill & Sign”.

Adding an electronic signature is easy with Adobe; simply take a picture of your signature and send to your device i.e. save to desktop or photo file. Within the form click the “Sign” logo in the middle of the top tab bar or side right bar (changes depending on Adobe prog. being used plus PC or Mac etc.) and select your signature, fitting it into the two required signature boxes. Then press “Save & Email” and email to  book@dewaterkantcottages.com with your completed form attached.

Placing your cursor over certain boxes will give you helpful tool tips.

Alternatively, Google Chrome browser supports PDF editing with a save function after completing the booking form.

If you are having difficulties with these electronic methods the alternative is to complete form manually, sign and then you can scan/email or photo/email back to us.

Once we receive your completed booking form you will be sent a confirmation email and separate bank 3D Secure payment links if not paying via EFT. If your bank does not have 3D Secure let us know and we will send you a manual credit card authorization booking form.

  When do I need to pay?

1st Rental Deposit is due 48hrs from making booking

2nd Rental Deposit is due 30 days prior to arrival; if booking is less than 30 days from booking date full 100% Rental Deposit is required

Refundable Property Security Deposit  of R2000.00 is due 7 days prior to check-in; must be paid by credit card and by the main guest staying in the property.

We please kindly ask that you make payments on time so that you booking is not released.

During this COVID-19 pandemic and uncertain times we have implimented a more flexiable policy with later payment terms and different cancellation terms. Please see our rates page for further details.

  Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, Visa & Mastercard plus Union Pay.

We use a 3D Secure verified credit card system which enables you to pay by card remotely without giving us your card details.

3D Secure transactions initiates a re-direction from the payment link to the website of your bank to then authorize your payment by requesting your personal code or card pin number. This helps protect against fraudulent card use by unauthorized individuals. You can easily register with your bank if you do not already have this service.

If your bank has yet to use this standard security protocol then please let us know and we will send you a manual credit card authorization form. This manual process requires the credit card holder to be the main guest staying and to have the card present upon check-in. All credit card slips will be available upon check-in to sign and you will be given your customer copies. Important to note we are also legally required by Visa and Master-card to take a signed bank voucher imprint of the card for the total amounts and to keep this bank voucher slip for 180 days. This protects both parties against any card disputes and is a per-requisite if you choose this manual card option. 

If Rental Deposits are being paid by a 3rd party, who is not the main guest and not staying, then please make sure when you return the booking form you send us the full name and email of this person so the correct detals are then sent for the 3D Secure payments.

The refundable property security deposit of R2000.00 must be paid by credit card and we do require this at least 7 days prior to check-in.

  Can I pay by bank transfer?

Absolutely, for national ZAR EFT payments please make sure you use your booking surname, property name you have booked and date of your arrival as reference e.g. SMITH40NAPIER1-1-2018.

We can accept international bank transfers in ZAR however please note any bank fees will be applicable to you and this also applies to refunds.

Any foreign funds that come into South Africa require the receiving bank to send us a BOP (Balance of Payment) form which we then have to complete and send back to the bank for them to be able by law to then clear the funds into our account. Important to note that even if you request your bank to pay all fees our bank still charges a transaction fee (R180+ incl. VAT valid 2021) irrespective of SWIFT instructions i.e. deducts this from the funds you transfer before allocating to our specific account. Any shortfalls in the final amount we receive will be for your account.

If you are paying by EFT then funds need to have cleared into our account as per our deposit terms; 50% to make a booking and 50% 30 days prior to arrival. We can only confirm a booking once funds have cleared into our bank; please remember to send us your payment confirmation and we can then re-check with our bank. 

The property security deposit of R2000.00 must be paid by credit card and we do require this 7 days prior to check-in.


  Can you provide and include within the accommodation rate?

All our properties are self-catering, the village has so much to offer in the way of cafes and restaurants plus food shops and are all within a couple minutes walk of our properties, we will happily recommend places to suit all tastes.


  Are your properties serviced?

Yes, we service every other day during the week. We do not service properties on public holidays South African Public Holidays 2021

During the COVID-19 pandamic a reduced week day cleaning schedule is in place to help protect guests and staff.

  What service do you provide?

On short-term, daily standard rate rentals, we clean twice a week, every other day or so during the weekdays. We do not service weekends or public holidays. 

If the property requires a heavy clean due to extreme usage e.g. large dinner, then, at managements discretion, R350 heavy cleaning charge will be invoiced.

You can request not to have a cleaning service on a particular day however we still have to access and check the property every other day during the week.

During the COVID-19 pandamic a reduced week day cleaning schedule is in place to help protect guests and staff.

  What time do you clean?

Our housekeeping staff don’t like to disturb you too early so from 10am till just after 4pm. If you do have a specific time then let us know and we will see if we can assist.

If you do not want to be disturbed on a particular day just let us know; if you choose, we can clean inside on alternate days however as we cannot extend this for longer periods of no cleaning as our owners expect their properties to be looked after. 


  Can I travel to South Africa from my country?

Every country has different restrictions and these are continually changing; here's a useful website that will help you see the latest travel and health restrictions depending where you are flying from - click here

  What South African restrictions are currently in place?

The country, as of the 1st October 2021, moved from Level 2 to Level 1, relaxing restrictions:

  • Health protocols, such as washing or sanitising of hands, social distancing (1.5m between people) and mask-wearing, will need to be strictly observed
  • Wearing face masks, covering nose and mouth, is compulsory in all public spaces as well as at work; non-compliance will result in fines or up to 6 months imprisonment
  • Gatherings are allowed with a maximum of 750 persons indoors and 2000 persons outdoors; this must not exceed 50% of venue capacity if venue is too small to observe appropriate social distancing
  • Interprovincial travel to all provinces for leisure is allowed
  • Beaches, lakes, dams, rivers, public parks and swimming pools are open subject to health protocols and no gatherings
  • Sale of alcohol is allowed from licensed outlets for off-site consumption as per license conditions, up to 11pm
  • Curfew will apply between midnight and 4am; no persons may be outside of their homes during curfew, with the exception of permitted workers, security or medical emergency or if arriving on a flight or travelling to or from an airport with the person travelling having a valid boarding pass
  • Non-essential establishments, including: restaurants, taverns, bars and fitness centres will be allowed to operate. These establishments will need to close by 11pm to allow their employees and patrons to travel home before the start of the curfew.
  • From 11th November South Africa is open to all countries subject to the necessary health protocols and the presentation of a negative COVID-19 certificate
  • International travellers will need to provide a certified negative coronavirus certificate PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test result from a medical practitioner not older than 72 hours from time of departure. It must show the laboratory’s name, where they performed the test. Children under five years of age do not have to present a test result upon arrival
  • All travellers entering and leaving the country are required to complete a government questionnaire, not more than two days before travel; see this link
  • You will have to present proof of accommodation if you have to self-quarantine at the time of arrival
  • All travellers will be screened upon arrival and those presenting symptoms will be required to have a COVID-19 test. If you show any Covid-19 symptoms, have been in contact with someone who showed symptoms / tested positive, or should you fail to present a negative Covid-19 PCR test, you will be required to take an antigen test upon arrival. If the test comes back with a positive result, you will be required to self-isolate for ten days. The cost of the test as well as the accommodation for self-isolation will be for your own cost
  • All travellers must download the "COVID Alert South African" mobile app. This app effectively alerts subscribers with the relevant information if they have been in contact with anyone who tested positive for the virus

Please use this link to see the complete Level 1 government restrictions. 

  What protocols are you putting in place to guests and staff?

We have signed up to the Travel and Tourism Industry Standard for COVID-19 Operations as issued by the Tourism Business Council of South Africa and updated from time to time, and will continue to so adhere, until such protocols are receded or replaced by alternative industry health and safety operating protocols. We adhere to these industy safety protocols set out by the TBCSA.

The NightsBridge SafeStays badge indicates that we, as an accommodation provider, pledge to implement a high standard of hygiene and cleaning protocols to ensure the safest environment possible for our guests.

Please see our dedicated COVID-19 page for more information.

  What is the current status in South Africa?

As of the 21-10-21 the total number of confirmed coronavirus cases in South Africa is now 2,918,366 with 2,810,316 recoveries and 88,835 deaths.

The Western Cape has recorded 522,445 COVID-19 cases to date with 500,335 recoveries and 20,073 deaths.

The total number of vaccinations is currently 20,959,500:

  • 18.9% of population now fully vaccinated
  • 24.1% of the population have received a vaccine dose
  • Average of 200,000 vaccines a day; a month ago this was 100,000, the goal is 300,000 a day
  • Over 45.4% of the adult (18+) population have had a vaccination in the Western Cape
  • From 1st August anyone 35+ can get vaccinated
  • From 1st September anyone 18+ can get vaccinated
  • Target currently to have 35 million people vaccinated, with one dose, by Christmas
  Are you open?

Yes we are.

As of the 18th August 2020 South Africa dropped down to Level 2 lockdown, allowing us to be open to all guests in the country. As of the 21st September the country moved down to Level 1 and re-opened its borders to international travellers from permitted countries from the 1st October. On the 11th November 2020 the president announced South Africa was open to all countries, subject to health protocols and presentation of a valid negative COVID-19 certificate.

Please read our COVID-19 page for more details.

  What happens if I can't travel due to COVID-19 restrictions? Should I cancel my travel plans?

We advise to postpone your trip.

Like a lot of South African tourism businesses, we are appealing collectively to guests to reconsider the effect of simply cancelling your booking. The likes of Europe and American are implementing massive financial aid packages to its citizens and businesses. Here in Africa, where the largest population is already on the poverty line, with little if no basic sanitation or medical infrastructure, tourism jobs are essential for vulnerable families and communities to survive. It is going to be a rough period for everyone however putting this in context with the majority of our staff that live in townships the difference is far more bleak.

During this crisis we have amended our booking payment procedure and cancellation policy giving guests far more flexibility. Deposits paid can simply be used as credit to re-book in the future, giving you peace of mind and less worries at this very difficult time. Please read our rates page for further information.

We appreciate your thoughtful consideration in this matter at a very difficult time.


  If our flight arrives early can we check-in early?

If the property has not been booked the night before, is already serviced with no maintenance planned then we might be able to do an early check-in from around 1pm however we are sorry in advance if this not possible.

If the property has a guest checking out that same day then the normal 2pm check-in applies; we are happy to store your luggage and give you a call if we can get you in earlier. Unfortunately our reception does not have changing facilities.


  Can I invite friends around to the property?

Of course, all properties have additional glasses and crockery so you can entertain a couple of friends. All we ask is that you respect the property and neighbours, make sure there is no smoking inside and keep noise levels down and that there is no more than 2 additional visitors, than guests booked, that must leave before midnight. 

Management reserves the right to ask visitors to vacate the property with immediate affect should the terms and conditions not be adhered to. Guests are responsible for their visitors and liable for any costs incurred.

We do not allow parties or events in our properties.

During the COVID-19 pandemic a maximum of 2 day visitors are allowed in any property to help protect guests and staff. All visitors must complete our COVID-19 declaration form and have their temperature taken prior to entry. Day visitors must vacate the property before curfew times. Please note Government restrictions currently prevent social gatherings.


  Do you allow more than two people to sleep in a room?

Apart from single bedrooms all bedrooms can only accommodate two persons and we do not add additional portable beds. We unfortunately do not allow three people to sleep in a double bed or allow sleeping on sofas.


  What do you offer?

We can provide or help with additional services such as pre-stocked kitchens, property flowers and personal driver offical tour guides for day or half day tours. If you need anything else arranged we will be happy to assist or recommend.


  Do you provide?

Yes, every property has at least one hairdryer in the master bedroom. In addition there is also an iron and ironing board.


  Can you recommend?

Cape Town has all the major leading international car hire companies which are located at the airport and in the city. 


  What service do you provide?

As an extra service, and separate to your accommodation rate, we can offer free WiFi data in your property, when available.

Conditions of use:

  • by providing this free extra service we do not guarantee 100% reliability;
  • any fault or interruption in service is out of our hands being controlled by third party companies; we cannot be held liable for any WiFi interruptions caused due to a faulty third party service;
  • we are not responsible for data speed; the more devices used the slower the speed plus streaming video, gaming and video conferencing etc. will naturally affect access and speed;
  • as an extra free service, that is not linked to the accommodation rate, there will be no compensation, discounts, refunds or alternatives offered at the cost to the company should your WiFi not work

For our complete policy click here



  How late can I check-in?

We do request, on the booking form you will receive, that you inform us of your approximate arrival time. For all arrivals after 17:30 weekdays and 15:00 weekends & Public Holidays please arrange in advance. 

If you are booking an airport transfer with us and arriving after these times then your driver will take you directly to your property.*

If you are arriving in your own transport, outside our reception hours, then we will arrange a special late check-in where a member of our staff will meet you at our reception at 40 Napier Street; a fee of R200 per arrival time will be applicable. We will give you our out of hours/emergency mobile contact number to call half an hour in advance of you arrival so you can call to confirm with a more accurate time.

If your plans change at all to the time you have told us on your booking form please let us know in advance during our reception times.

We do ask all guests arriving late, using our airport transfer service, to come to reception the following day for us to take photo-copy(s) of your ID or passport and complete our registration; we can then provide further keys if required plus maps and WiFi details.*

*Does not apply during COVID-19 restrictions as all guests have to come to our reception to compelte our COVID-19 declaration form.


  Can I leave later than 10:00?

We can only let you know if a late check-out is available the day before departure; this unfortunately cannot be booked in advance. 

If we can assist with a late check-out after 10am then a fee applies of R500 (low season 2021) and R700 (high season 2021) up to 16:00. After this time then a full days rate will apply and be charged.*

*During the COVID-19 pandamic late check-outs are not available.


  Do your self-catering properties have a laundry service?

All our properties have their own washing machines, some of this are combination dryers and others have separate dryers. Spar Supermarket is the closest store, and only a few minutes walk from our properties, and here you will find washing powder etc.


  Do I need bed linen & towels?

No, don't worry we provide all the standard bedline and towels in the property.

All beds have 100% cotton duvets and fitted sheets with bed blankets and optional flat sheets if required during the hot season. All beds come with micro-fibre continental and standard pillows.

We also provide black beach towels for you to use outside the property and do ask that only these are used outside of the bathrooms.

  How often are the sheets and towels changed?

In keeping with our water wise programme we do change bed linen every three days but if you require a shorter period then please let us know. Towels that are left on the floor are regularly changed.


  How close are you to specific Cape Town locations?

Check-out the area info section which does give a breakdown of key distances to either walk or drive.

  What’s the location like? De Waterkant Village is a great place to base yourself if you want to be at the heart of the city. It is just below Signal Hill and above the V&A Waterfront, and tucked between the City Centre and Green Point.


  Can I use my international mobile and purchase a local SIM card?

If you have a cell phone that is a SIM-unlocked GSM 900 frequency you can purchase from mobile shops and supermarkets South African SIM cards for around R2-4.

Vodacom is the closest company and moble shop to our reception and located in Cape Quarter 2 just above Spar Supermarket.

Please come ask our team in reception to give you a covering letter as you will need this to purchase a sim card.


RICA is a law that requires all SIM card users to register their personal information against their cellphone numbers. New Starter Packs cannot be activated if they have not been RICA’d.

As a foreign visitor to South Africa, you will need the following to register your new starter pack.

  • Your Passport
  • Accommodation booking confirmation or proof of accommodation whilst visiting the country

The legislation helps law enforcement agencies track criminals who are using mobile phones for illegal activities.


  Is there any?

Apart from the properties with garages there is free street parking available plus Cape Quarter does have secure pay parking. At present the area does not have permits and being very close to the city center means a lot of workers park in during the weekday; come the afternoon more spaces become available.


  Do you allow?

All our properties are located in a residential neighbourhood with permanent neighbours close by. We want you to enjoy your stay however we do not allow parties, events, large group gathering. We appreciate your understanding in this matter so that everyone in the area can enjoy a relaxing peaceful time.

Please see our full policy here.


  Do you allow?

We do not allow pets, of any size, in our properties.


  What is Load-shedding?

South Africa's state run electricity company is called Eskom and from time to time they impliment scheduled controlled power shut downs which is known as Load-shedding.

They do this to protect the power system from a total blackout due to high demand and not having enough power stations to balance the load across the whole network.

It is important to note that De Waterkant's power supply is on the same circuit as the local hospital so in previous periods of planned load-shedding we had few if any outages compared with the rest of Cape Town.

If we have experienced load-shedding it will take time for geyers to re-heat water plus we will need to reset any property timers. We can only apologize for any inconvenience caused however this is out of our conrol and affects the whole country.

  Are any Load-shedding periods currently scheduled?

The city of Cape Town has informed all residents that Eskom has resumed nationwide load-shedding from the 5th December. Outages generally last for about 2.5hours affecting pre-defined areas. Though De Waterkant falls into area 7, as mentioned it is important to note that we are on the same sub-station power circuit as the Somerset Hospital, in the Waterfront, and we have not been affected by any outages.

This is a map of Cape Town broken down into numbered areas.


  What is this and how does it work?

In most major hotel chains a credit card inprint is taken to cover extras and incidentials. It is now common practise for self-catering companies to take a Property Security Deposit to pay for any damages or losses in the property.

We require this deposit payment of R2000.00 to be made 7 days before arrival and by credit card only, by the main guest staying. This payment has to be made by credit card and we will send a 3D Secure link in advance of your arrival.

Your separately paid Property Security Deposit will be released in full, if no issues, from our bank within 7 working days from your check-out date.

Please note this means your funds will have been released from our-side and left our bank account however the transfer merchant bank, Visa/Mastercard and your bank can take up to a further 7 to 10 working days to clear funds into your account which is standard banking practise. Within this total time-frame we unfortunately cannot confirm the exact day you will receive funds. If you have any difficulty in tracking this refund, after this total time frame, please let us know and we will of course contact the merchant bank to confirm payment transfer date details.

For more details please read our full policy on our Property Security Deposit


  How close is the nearest food shop?

Cape Quarter, located between Napier, Jarvis and Dixon Street, has a large Spar supermarket with pharmacy as well as cash machines no more than 5 minutes walk from any property. In addition, in the same centre, there is a Spar Bottle Store (Liquor/Off License) and Clicks Pharmarcy, the main SA chemist branch.

Directly opposit Cape Quarter, on Somerset Road, about 5 minutes walk, there is a 24 hour BP petrol station with cash machines and Pick 'n' Pay Express food & drink store. Please take care using these ATM's.

Along from Cape Quarter, on Somerset Road heading away from the city (left at the church on Napier Street) there is Baby City and FNB bank. Continue walking another 10 minutes and you reach Green Point where you will find Bootleggers Coffee, Woolworths Food Store, The Butcherman and Giovanni's, the bets deli in Cape Town.

The closest post office, travel exchange and more banks are located at the V&A Watefront.


  Do you clean on public holidays?

We do not service properties on public holidays; here's a link for South African Public Holidays 2021

  Is your reception open on these days?

Our reception is closed on public holidays apart from pre-arranged check-in's; this excludes the 25th December and 1st January.

On the 25th December and 1st January; for all arrivals on these days guests have to use our airport transfer service which will take you directly to your property. If you have your own transport this driver will still meet you at your property and the single person taxis fare will apply. Please see Late Check-in's for further details.

For more information on South African public holidays is available here.



  Is it safe?

A question we get asked sometimes, usually because most international first time visitors only have television news knowledge. Cape Town is a large metropolitan city and although you do have areas of poverty right next to wealth you basically should treat the place like any other major city and just use common sense. The same sensible practises apply in our city; do not leave visible valuables in vehicles and always lock windows and doors. Do not let strangers into your property.

The area does have it's own security (GPCID) which patrols on foot and in vehicles 24/7. Contact numbers are available in the property A5 guide.

Cape Town Tourism as put together a useful guide sheet with helpful advise and useful numbers called Travelwise Guide.


Here's some extracts from a recent article you mind helpful and a link to read the whole piece:

"There is definitely crime and extreme inequality, but that’s true everywhere and most Cape Town crime occurs outside of main tourism areas and does not involve tourists. Putting things in perspective: South Africa holds a level 2 travel warning from the U.S. State Department, which is the same level held by the United Kingdom, Spain, Barbados and Italy. If you’d visit one of these countries, you should consider South Africa equally. Most tourist crime involves theft and muggings."

"Cape Town is a city where it’s best not to wear your Rolex out at night. The Diamond ring should get tucked in a hotel safe too, as should any real valuables. It’s common sense after dark in New York, so it shouldn’t be any different here. Wear that stuff, you may get robbed – but that’s true in every major city of the world. Flaunting is rarely in good taste, and that’s especially true in cities with such disparity. When possible, venture out with at least one friend, loved one or fellow traveler."

"Cape Town is simply remarkable.There just aren’t many places where you can enjoy unmatched natural beauty, great hiking, surfing, beach time and also explore some of the finest cuisine and culture in the world. It’s where the world’s best Michelin starred chefs go for inspriation. Side trips to Cape Point and to nearby game reserves bring South Africa full circle, and there’s hardly a person who’s been who wouldn’t put it atop their list. Don’t let fear win. Just be smart about it."



  What channels are available in the property?

All our Cottages & Apartments have DSTV Compact which offers over 127 television channels and other 90 audio channels. Our Terrace properties have DSTV Family which offers over 90 television channels and other 90 audio channels.

Unfortunately South African DSTV account holders cannot use their own smart cards in our property decoders. For more information on channels and programming please view DSTV and select DSTV Compact.

For sports fans looking for particular matches that might not be available we recommend trying out The Fireman's Arms or Vasco da Gama Taverna, both just down the road and have a great ambience.


  Do you allow?

We do not allow smoking inside any of our properties.

You are welcome to smoke outdoors only and we provide ashtrays; we kindly ask that you dispose of butts and matches safely and cleanly.


  What is the normal amount and where do I pay it?

At your own discretion but as a guideline - restaurants normally are around 10-12%, long taxis journey's around R10-20, street car beggars (who are not legal so if you want to) no more than R2-5 and house-keeping staff is really up to you.

Closer in the city there are official council parking attendants, during the day, that have machines and these you do have to pay depending on your time that you intend to park and they will come to you. Lastly, in petrol stations it is the norm for you to wait for an attendant to come to your vehicle then they will fill up and also clean you windows and take payment; we recommend giving me R5 tip.


  Can you arrange a tour i.e. day trip to the Winelands or Cape Peninsula?

Just let us know what you are looking for and we will happily recommend or arrange. Let us know if you prefer a personal tour guide, or a driver and vehicle or if you are happy to join a small group and we will do the rest or point you in the right direction with recommendations.


  Do I need additional paperwork if travelling with children?

As of the 8th November 2019 the Department Home Affairs removed the confusing Un-abridged Birth Certificate requirement for all visitors travelling with children. Only a valid passport is required for foreign minors travelling to South Africa.


  Are there currently restrictions?

No, as of the 1st November 2020 the council lifted all restrictions. 

Cape Town did experience the worse draught in 100 years for three years up to 2018. The council did impliment water restrictions to help reserve supplies though our taps never ran dry and the council campaigned to make everyone use less water known as "Day Zero" never happened.

Cape Townians during this period learnt to become very water wise and to date still make every effort not to waster water.

Please view water restrictions summary table and council website for further updates.


90 Waterkant Street
110 Waterkant Street